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The best local meat delivery services in Ottawa & Canada

Looking for a good butcher box supplier in the Ottawa Valley? Meats and meal kits from Local Farmers? Wild-caught seafood? We made it easy for you and explored and listed the best organic meat delivery services in the Ottawa Valley for you! 

The Ottawa Valley

When people think of the Ottawa Valley they often think it’s just Ottawa and it’s surrounding. That is actually not the case. The Ottawa Valley spans from Renfrew County, the Pontiac Region (part of Western Quebec) and the great Ottawa Area. The area is sometimes referred to as the “Lower Ottawa Valley,” in contrast with the “Upper Ottawa Valley” west of Ottawa, but the name is not common, and most people think of the Ottawa Valley as only the upper portion. Cornwall is typically not included in the Ottawa Valley.

It’s both a city and rural community, bilingual (French and English) filled with the nicest people you can ever imagine. It offers beautiful landscapes, great culture, food and great farmers. This is one of the reason Ottawa Valley meats are so delicious and nutritious.   Learn more

Meat and fish delivery services in Ottawa and the Ottawa Valley

There are many meats, fish, food kits and prepared food delivery services to pick from in the Ottawa Valley. We researched the surface of all inventory, selected the best ones and listed them in our review section. What best meat and fish delivery service works best for you will depend all on your personal taste and preference. We recommend you to try them all and taste the difference!

Type of meat delivery services available:

Specialized in Meat and Fish

Most meat delivery services focus solely on meat and fish. For example, Papa Earth, they are solely specialized in frozen meat and fish delivery. Or for example Carnivore Club, they solely focus on dry meats. If you’re looking for the best and highest quality of meats it is often best to pick from a specialized service since the business can focus on its core products.

Online Grocery Store

Companies like truLOCAL focus more on a wide, more like grocery store alike assortment. Aside from meat and fish they offer meat pies, fruit pies, frozen vegetables and fruits and spices. These services are great if you prefer to skip the grocery store overall and want to choose from a wider assortment. Often all products come frozen including the fruits and vegetables but supplies can be limited due to the season. 

Meal Kit Services

Meal Kits services like HelloFresh or Chef’s Plate are a great option for the folks who prefer everything precut and ready to cook. All you have to do is unpack and follow the cooking instructions. It’s a fun way of shopping, a great way to get all your products sourced local and a great way for inspiration and trying new recipes. 

Ready to Go Meals

The most convenient option is are the ready to-go meals like Voila offers. No need to do anything except for just heating up your meals. This service is very time-saving, convenient and still healthy and local. It does not require any planning since you can just pick a meal from your fridge or freezer whenever you like. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The area between Renfrew County, the greater Ottawa Area and the Pontiac Region (West Quebec).

Grass-fed beef is beef that is raised solely on grass. The official meaning of grass-fed beef does vary per region or institutions but what we mean on this site is grass-fed and grass-finished beef; solely grass and plants that grow naturally in the grass.

This will all depend on your own needs. We listed the best services available on this site. Some are specialized in just meat & fish, some are meal kits and some offer a more grocery alike assortment.

For this it’s best to check on the company websites themselves to get the best information as it will vary per provider. We do know that Papa Earth and Carnivore Club ship Canada-wide.

Yes, we believe that it’s always better to buy local meat as you will support local farmers and the local economy. On top of that less energy is wasted to transportation which is better or the environment.